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About Weave Digital Studio.

Weave is a digital and web design studio based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Since 2006 we have specialised in a clean, minimalist style of design which not only looks good but will provide great results as it is easy to use and navigate. Less really is more.

Weave designs and develops WordPress websites and e-commerce stores for mobile, tablet and screen that your users will love. We are a talented team with wide ranging international influences and years of agency experience working both face-to-face and remotely with clients from all corners of the globe.

Small Team, Big Agency Experience..

We are small… that frightens some people, but it shouldn’t, we like it like that! Being small and working collaboratively with our trusted partners and friends means we can create high quality work without worrying about our bottom line.

Being small also means we can create a personal relationship with you. Our best work is done with clients we understand, and who understand us. This also means we have the time and energy to focus our full attention on our clients, so you will never feel unloved.

We speak plain-English, strive for simplicity and we’re really passionate about what we do and how we do it.

Our Team.

Weave don’t just build projects, we build relationships. We really get to know our clients & develop partnerships that last for years. Please take a minute to meet the business owners you’ll be working with.

Our Clients.

These are a selection of a few of the clients we are proud to work with.

Fiddlesticks Restaurant & Bar logo

Fiddlesticks Restaurant & Bar

Mico Bathrooms logo

Mico Bathrooms

Merivale Mall logo

Merivale Mall

Flow Hot Yoga Christchurch

Flow Hot Yoga

Neat Places logo

Neat Places

Vermair Racing logo

Vermair Racing

Consortium Construction logo

Consortium Construction

Totally Gelato logo

Totally Gelato

Springfree Trampolines / Tgoma logo

Springfree Trampolines / Tgoma

Hayley & Co logo

Hayley & Co

Airways Corporation logo

Airways Corporation

Fifth Wall Carpet & Rugs logo

Fifth Wall Carpet & Rugs

Tradeink logo


No4 Bar & Restaurant logo

No4 Bar & Restaurant

Barrer & Co logo

Barrer & Co

How We Charge.

No matter if you’ve been in business for 20 years or 20 minutes, we know how important your budget is to your bottom line. For that reason, we strive to offer an affordable price range.

We aren’t the kind of business that will slap one price on our services and expect every customer to pay for it. Our prices will vary depending on what type of service you are looking for and what your specific needs are.

At Weave, we pride ourselves on our bespoke creative ideas, and never recycling old ones. That is why each project is a custom design, never an off-the-shelf product.

What does this mean? It means that you are always guaranteed an original, fresh idea that is based on your company, your goals, and your specific branding, which will provide you with a unique and innovative final product tailor-made for your core audience and customers.

Our pricing will never be marked up more than what the project demands as we take pride in knowing that we are offering fair and competitive pricing relative to our competitors.

If you are interested in a free quote for your project, please fill out our New Project Quote Request or call us on +64 3 3510445.

Our Partners.

Our partners and suppliers are thoroughly searched before selecting the best for industry.

Xero Accounting Integrations

Xero Accounting Integrations

WP Engine Premium Hosting

WP Engine Premium Hosting

Wordpress Partner

Wordpress Partner

WooCommerce Development

WooCommerce Development

DPS Payment Express Integrations

DPS Payment Express

Google Advertising & Analytics

Google Advertising & Analytics

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor