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Motor Neurone Disease NZ Website

We were pleased to be offered the chance to work with MND New Zealand, a very deserving organisation in New Zealand. A disease that needs more profile so we can help raise more research funds to put towards finding a cure – a long and challenging task, but one that we are all determined to achieve.

MND (Motor Neurone Disease) needed a new modern website which made it really easy to promote their campaigns & TVCs. Make donations a breeze, as well as a really informative website for people recently diagnosed with MND, for friends & family to help them understand as much as they can as well as how to get local help and assistance.

This website is very content heavy, so we intentionally divided it on smaller chunks visually, using hide/reveal toggle sections to make the amount of content not so overwhelming to the viewer.

Assistive technology was also utilised for use this website, as some people with MND need assistive technology to make this content accessible to them.

Website Development