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Covid-19 Communication Checklist.

We have provided some helpful tips below on how to communicate online with your customers in this ever-changing pandemic. Let them know the best way to work with you now and what services you are offering currently.


Our Easily Implemented Tips:

  • Add temporary hours to your Google My Business & Facebook Page
  • Add a short post to Google My Business that gives a statement of your availability and activity
  • Take this same information and use it to create a blog post
  • Bonus points are provided for a heart-felt video embedded into the post!
  • Update your website contact page with your temporary hours (add these and don’t take away the existing hours)

Items to Proactively Communicate

  • Are your offices open
  • Staff availability
  • Hours of operation
  • Safety of in-person activity
  • What can still be done online
  • Interruptions to services or product shipments
  • Status quo services and product shipments (aka what isn’t being altered)
  • Instructions for how customers can alter existing appointments with you
  • Is it still safe to ...? (relevant to your business)
  • Event changes or delays
  • Cancellation policies if applicable
  • A reminder that this situation is constantly changing and more updates will be coming from you.

We hope this is of help to you. Weave is still continuing as business (almost) as per usual. We are here to help you implement some of these things mentioned above if you need help. And as always, our Website Care Plan customers always have a minimum of 30 free minutes of our time each month, so if you need help with Blog posts, updating hours, staff etc we can help.

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