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Time Blocks & Retainers.

A discounted approach to purchasing bulk consulting and development time, for use with any of the services we offer.

How Time Blocks Work

Time Blocks are a discounted approach to purchasing bulk consulting time for use with any of the services we offer.

Time Blocks can be more efficient for ongoing projects and ad-hoc needs than project-based fixed-fee engagements.

Time Blocks are popular with our clients for 5 reasons:


  1. Deep Discounts. You receive our best in exchange for your trust in our consulting work. For the largest blocks of time purchased, the savings approach 60% off standard rates.
  2. Priority Service. Your position in our work queue receives top priority focus and new work can be scheduled in quickly.
  3. Flexibility. You can use the TimeBlocks for anything you need, from simple website updates up to high level strategic advice.
  4. Long Expiration Date. The discounted pricing on consulting time lasts up to 12 months to use any time you want on any thing you want.
  5. Monthly Reports. All TimeBlock hours are tracked, recorded, and reported each month. You see exactly how your investment is being utilised.

If the need for our consulting services is ongoing, we recommend considering a Monthly Retainer approach for deeper discounts than with Time Blocks, see info below.

Consulting Services Offered

Including but not limited to:

Website Design & Development
Website Review & Recommendations
WordPress  & CMS Training
Strategy Consulting
Print Collateral Design
E-commerce Optimisation
Lead Magnet Creation
Email Marketing Campaigns
Strategic Brand Development
WordPress Maintenance, Plug-in Updates
Website Security
Information Architecture Design
Website Speed Optimisation
Advanced SEO & Web Analytics
Conversion Rate Optimisation
PPC Campaign Management
Content Strategy & Creation
Miscellaneous Website Fixes & Updates
Social Media Strategy & Branding

Time Block Rates

30 hrs - discounted to $100/hr, your cost = $3000.
20 hrs - discounted to $120/hr, your cost = $2400.
10 hrs - discounted to $130/hr, your cost = $1300.

Note: TimeBlock & Retainer Rates are discounted from regular base consulting rate of $150/hr.

Monthly Retainers

If your need is ongoing then we recommend another approach of a monthly retainer to allocated dedicated resource to you on an ongoing basis. We offer deeper discounted rates for retainer and a minimum 3-month commitment of time is required. Hours are tracked, recorded, and reported the same as Time Blocks.

Please contact Liz, if you have any questions or concerns, or would like to discuss a Monthly Retainer.

Terms & Conditions for Time Blocks & Retainers

  • 30 Minute Blocks. All tasks are performed and reported on in 30 minute blocks.
  • Reporting to You. All Time Block hours are tracked, recorded, and reported each month.
  • Priority Service & Scheduling. All work is booked in to our work queue so we do need all relevant content, files and detailed requirements in advance so we’re ready to begin when you need the work performed. For larger needs over 5 hrs of time, the project timeline will be dependent upon our availability, on a case by case basis.
  • Long Expiration. Client has twelve (12) months from the start of a Time Block to use the hours. There will be no refunds for unused hours. We update you every month with number of hours left so you’ll always know what’s left to use.
  • Payment. All Time Blocks are paid in full prior to initiating usage.
  • Additional Hours. Near the end of a Time Block, if a project in progress exceeds the Time Block's hours, the Client may renew and start a new Time Block, or pay the same Time Block rate for up to 5 additional hours of time. If Additional Hours are estimated to be more than 5 hours, then a new TimeBlock will be recommended, as standard rates will apply to time needed beyond those 5 hours.
  • Emergency work. Emergency work or rush jobs attract a 50% loading fee so we're able to allocate additional resources to start within a 24 hour window.
  • Note: Time Blocks do not include non-service fees such as software licenses, plugins and printing. Expenses for materials (i.e. stock photos or printing) are additional to Time Block hours and will be invoiced separately, with prior client approval.